Saturday, 31 December 2011

Auld lang syne

I´m taking a last look into my 2011 calendar and find my list of  New Year´s resolutions, time to make a clean sweep:
weigh 10kilos less --> no, only about 5kilos less
read 52 books --> only 16 in the end (not counting Mr Men books, should stay fair ;-))
go to theatre 30 times -->went only 15 times
watch 52 films -->again no, only managed 31
a new tattoo --> I know what I want and where it will be but didn´t get it done yet
make use of charity shops --> yes! Got rid of loads of bags full of stuff there and bought a few things too
finish university -->nearly, the term still goes 3 more month with my final exam waiting

all in all not a great score but I´m fairly happy with it even though it has been one of the worst years ever. My goals were just a bit over-ambitious (the only thing about me that probably ever has been ambitious lol)

My hopes for 2012 (at least those I can more or less influence):

Lose more weight/ keep on running -->I really have taken up running! I´m sure more weight will go bye bye eventually...
stop talking about starting a family and doing it instead -->the biological clock is going tick, tack, tick, tack...
read 30 books -->with no more uni work soon that should be possible?!
go to theatre 30times -->no mercy on that one, I study theatre, I simply HAVE to go!
watch 30 films -->I´m not a film person and never will be so 30 have to be enough
get that 2 tattoo -->yes, as soon as I know when I will be in London again I will book an appointment
change of shopping behaviour -->saying good-bye too Primark and sale binges, one fashionable item that really fits bought as long as it is on trend instead of getting 10 mediocre copies on sale when it is unfashionable again. And wearing the new stuff instead of keeping it for better days.
use more foundation ;-) -->all the nights reading blogs and watching make-up videos are convincing me to make more of an effort. And I will be 30 days without using a proper foundation are counted...

and cause I am weird, that´s how I spend my New Year´s Eve (which imho is the second most overrated day of the year following christmas): alone on the sofa, working on my thesis, listening to this:


  1. Ich wünsche Dir viel Erfolg beim Schreiben Deiner Thesis und dass sich Deine Wünsche erfüllen. Im neuen Jahr möchte ich auch mein Einkaufsverhalten ändern und Make-up benutzen. Die richtige Foundation habe ich endlich gefunden. ;-)

  2. sounds like the old list was a good one, and the new one is good, too. good luck with finishing university. and with the tattoos :)

    happy 2012!!