Saturday, 3 December 2011

Il Camino

A few years ago, after Hape Kerkeling (which I didn´t really like before but sort of adore now) published his bestseller "Ich bin dann mal weg", I saw a tv program about two young girls walking the way of St. James. Since then I want to do that as well. Want to start walking near the Spanish border and walk all the way to the coast. Want to experience how it is to live with only the absolute minimum of belongings. I´m not religious at all and left the institutional church some years ago but I´m definitely searching for something.

Will I have the strength? 800km is something else than going for long walks around the neighbourhood...Should I walk on my own or in company? Is there anyone on this planet with whom I could spend and share so much time, blood, sweat and tears? My husband supports the idea but is lacking any wish to walk that far nor does he have so much leave at work...
Will I ever get round to sort the project out logistically? Hostels or hotels? Is it safe? Should I stay away from the internet for the time? Is it a good start for such a decision to think about being online first thing??
Thousand questions to answer but I still know: I will do it...I have to...whenever that will be...


  1. Dann aber bitte mit was internet-fähigem, denn wir wollen live dabei sein. :o)
    Ich finde die Idee toll, hatte ich nach seinem Buch auch.

  2. I am fascinated by this idea, too. Not sure whether I will ever do it, though. What has so far put me off is not the distance, but rather the idea of sleeping in one room with a multitude of strangers...
    Do you know Ela and her blog? She walked the Camino around Easter 2011 and documented it all real time on her blog:

  3. hi,
    do it!
    do it alone!
    don't worry too much, you'll find out on the way, it wasn't necessary.
    if you need information, let me now by e-mail.
    have a great day!

  4. I just read his book a few weeks ago (still don't really like him, but it's def better than it was before). I'm also tempted to go at least part of it. and I ask myself the same questions. alone or not? is it safe? can I live without internet for that long? should I blog about it? I also agree with Miss W. not sure I can handle the people if I had to stay in the offical pilgrim quarters.... how pathetic :)

  5. yeah, me in the pilgrim, the one who doesn´t leave the house without her bottle of hand sanitizer in hospital strength...many questions to solve but I WILL do it. But whenever will I have 4-6 weeks time for myself???