Thursday, 8 December 2011

A bag of presents...or: I'm different

This weeks "Blogstoeckchen" by Miss Winkelmann is all about presents.

Giving presents or receiving them?
Neither nor. If I really think I have found something absolutely perfect for someone than it can be fun. Or if I get a present that shows that someone really really thought about me and paid attention...but in general I really don't like getting presents (nothing worse than the embarrassing moment when you have to unwrap it with an audience staring at your reactions...I don't have an "Oh-wow-that's great" excitement button that I can easily switch on)

What's on your wishlist?
nothing...I'm terrible, if I want something I'll get it. And the only things I wish for unfortunately cannot be bought.

How many presents do you make this year? What will it be?

Best present of all times?
my "Barbie Traummobil" in the very early 90's...absolutely adored it and still remember when I had to go into our garage during christmas eve to find it...another great present was a pair of used ballet shoes my granny bought me in a second hand shop. And a friend from school got me a poster of the rainbowfish...pisces me loves it and it still hangs framed in my bathroom.

Long time planning or last-minute shopping?
I love to plan but then never get it and in the end it is sold out and I give up.

How important is the wrapping for you?
If I get a present I'm one of those tidy unwrappers who makes sure nothing breaks and folds the paper to take it home with me. But I absolutely have no joy whatsoever in wrapping things nicely...I'm known for my newspaper gifts.

Are you taking part in any "Secret Santa" activities?
Done twice so far. Once in primary school where I gave something nice (can't remember what though) and received...5 blue ink cartridges for our fountain pens...from the most uncool boy in class...hmmpff.
In grammar school. I had better luck. One of my class mates found out which book we were about to read next during German lessons and got me one of those helpful interpretation books to go with it. So practical and yet so thoughtful, proved that man can make great gifts too if they want to!


  1. Good point about unwrapping presents in front of an excited audience... argh!!

  2. I like your attitude. I think this whole Chrismast gift craziness is, well, crazy... pointless consumerism!

  3. thank you, Petra. I know not many people understand my point of view but I simply never have been a christmas person and that whole shopping hype turns me off more and more...

  4. I totally understand how you feel about unwrapping presents in front of an audience - I feel the same.
    Even if I may be excited and really happy about receiving a present, I just cannot show it.

    And I love the idea of wrapping the presents in newspaper and drawing the ribbon!