Friday, 16 December 2011


I have a confession to make: I kill trousers - no matter if they are cheap or expensive, made out of jeans, corduroy, linen or stretch, if they are skinny or a boyfriend-cut.

My legs are simply more tree trunk than stick, my thighs are chafing and not a slight outwardly curved example. Depending on the material, a few longer walks are enough to make the first holes on the inside of my thighs appear. I don't care about the actual size of my legs too much as those legs are made for walking...and that is what they do...
If only a pair of trousers would last longer than a few far I haven't found a solution to this problem and will simply go on getting through pair after pair of cheap trousers.
Ladies out there, do you have the same problem? I'm convinced I'm not the only one :-)


  1. Yes! I have the same issue. I have fairly slim legs, so I have a feeling that the majority of the female population must be affected ;)
    I have not found a solution yet, except to buy a new pair of jeans every so often.

  2. Same here!
    Funnily enough it affects not just me but also my other half :)
    I like to describe this phenomenon as KKDB (die Kleinen Kurzen mit den Dicken Beinen) :)
    I don't mind too much as it gives me an excuse to go shopping every now and again. But only last night I was upset when I realised how thin my new favourite pair was getting :'(
    Shame when those have to go in the bin...

  3. And I already thought it is a problem of me!
    I have no idea what to do against...