Thursday, 29 December 2011

Richmond Park

Read about it often but it´s not one of the areas of London you easily end up going to when you are "just" a tourist. Now we live relatively close to it and I can say, a lovely lovely place to wander around for hours, watch the deer, watch the planes, watch the skyline and still pretending to be in a dreamy English village. Recommended!
And next time I will check out Richmond itself...looked nice...and a place which has it´s own "Farrow & Ball" shop must be great ;-)


  1. I went there once, ages ago. I agree, it so does not feel like greater London :)
    Was no.3 taken from Richmond, too? It much reminded me of the perspective you get from Hampstead Heath/ Primrose Hill.

  2. yep, taken from there too. You can see this cause the perspective is weird. From Hampstead you would have the Gherkin to the left and not nearly at the same place as the London Eye.