Monday, 12 December 2011

Do the Bus Stop...

In the UK bus stops have usually no proper seats but those taller bars to sort of lean on while forming a tidy long queue for the bus (I have never done that myself as I can't work out the system - is the queue for all bus numbers? or only for the next one?? I do my usual silly thing and stand a bit away, waiting, observing and  pretending to text...). The glass wall is between the road and the stop to protect passengers-to-be from puddles...I guess.

In Germany you normally find proper seats in various states of contamination and destruction and the glass wall is behind the seats so you can sit in a little hut. When the bus arrives there is anarchy.

Just another completely insignificant difference between the two nations...and to prevent this post from being too pointless, here a fun dance I remember learning in dancing lessons - do the bus stop!


  1. Ohja, mal was Negatives aus der UK. Besonders, wenn man Fußaua hat ist das nicht gut. ;o)

  2. well... u could add a little smth on queueing at those stops. i guess that´s rather different in those countries as well?