Friday, 22 June 2012

Déjà là

Country: France
Company/ Theatre: Image et demi, Paris.
Language: French
Author: Arnaud Michniak
Director: Aurélia Guillet
seen on the 21.06.12 in Wiesbaden "New Plays from Europe" festival

Description: It’s a terrible world! Society is so unfair! Four friends drinking heavily in their Paris flat all agree on this. And they also agree that something must be done. And that they themselves don’t have the time or the means to do anything is equally clear. Songwriter Michniak and young director Aurélia Guillet paint a trenchant portrait of what happens when the impulse to save the world clashes with a total lack of drive.

what I liked: hmm, nothing. Not even the sound of the (imho beautiful) French language helped.
what I didn´t like: there was no real plot, it was an endless repetition of the same slogans. One long hour of phrasemongering without a hint of irony or any visual excitement .That exactly might have been the intention but it was unbelievably boring to watch.

verdict: The idea behind this play doesn´t sound that bad after all but the implementation was just uninspired. If that is all the current French theatre has to offer then I´m feeling quite sorry for them.

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  1. sounds like the typical parisian: "let's complain a lot and do nothing about it! ... and while we're at it, we should annoy someone else in addition!"

    poor you... but there are better plays! promise