Thursday, 7 June 2012

picture perfect

In march I finished university in Germany, finally.
As much as I struggled and hated it and quit and started again -  as soon as I had my certificate I started looking for new opportunities. Being free is a fantastic feeling but only for a while...and sometimes you need the pressure of a deadline in order to enjoy reading Harry Potter again.
Becoming a full time student at an English university looked promising and exciting (you can e.g. study "Victorian studies" - how great does that sound!?) but, with the fee rise, it was simply too damn expensive. I couldn't justify that in the slightest.
Studying in Germany again was another option but that would have made me stuck in one place again, I really don't fancy working through timetables and calendars again for weeks in order to work out when to see my husband, cat and house again.
This limited my choice to distance learning programs. And I found something!

The Open College of the Arts in England. Starting by doing a photography course.

It's "only" a college (but works together with a university so can offer a BA hons degree which I'm aiming at) and open to everyone but so what!? I'm a bit worried that I might learn much on the arty side and less on the technical one but, again, so what, I will never find out if it's the right choice or not if I'm not trying right?! I want to learn more, become better, get assignments that force me to do things out of my comfort zone...
Not exactly cheap but: look how fantastic the course material looks that arrived with a courier yesterday ;-)
Excited, and will keep you posted :-)

Will work on a MA as well from autumn on but that's a different story I will write about later...

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