Saturday, 9 June 2012

Glossybox 5/2012

with a bit of delay as I only just returned from the UK yesterday, my may 2012 German Glossybox.
Not overly impressed, not for the 15€ it now costs...but still I have the hope that next month will be brilliant, fingers crossed :-)

Jane Iredale Forever Pink - a teeny tiny transluscent lip stick, nice and cute product but nothing I had ever heard of before and would definitely not rebuy for 37,00€!!

Korres Aloe Shampoo - I like Korres so looking forward to try this one.

L´Oréal Paris Nude Magique BB Cream Blemish Balm - a sachet, no need to say more. Really interested in trying this one as I already like the Garnier BB Cream a lot but, a sachet?!

Lubin Gin Fizz - smells absolutely gorgeous, reminds me a lot of "A scent by Issey Miyake" . Never heard of the brand before though so I´m not sure I would buy it as I have no idea from where.

Sexy Hair bigsexyhair Spray& Play - not tried it yet but will. If this makes big sexy hair out of my 5 dull chives of hair I will be well impressed ;-)

Shiseido Benefiance Enriched Balancing Softener - a posh product that smells expensive too. Just still not sure what use a softener really has...will use it but will it have lots of effect without Shiseido products to follow?

+ the new Glossy Mag - it´s thin, 1cm too tall to fit into the actual box which is simply stupid, has enough content to have it fully read in less than 3 min and is already in the recycling bin

+the GlossyBox blush brush which I find useful and good, I´m not a brush snob at all

All ok and nice but no full size at all which is a bit of a let down. At least I can make use of everything.


  1. your reviews of the glossybox seem to be mixed and I never know if it's worth it or not... do you think it's worth it overall?

  2. not sure...I think it was better value when it still cost 10€. I´m still hoping it will improve a lot but would not recommend getting on board now.