Saturday, 2 June 2012

I can´t believe what...

...happened last thursday. I was at home, we were running out of sand paper for smoothing the kitchen walls after plastering...I decided to walk to a very useful small shop around two corners to get some sheets.
In the shop I paid my 40p...and looked down at my feet.

Leopard Birkenstock´s with my froggy socks!!!
In my hurry and complete lack of thoughts I went out in my indoor look. Nothing wrong with the sandals, I do wear them out but only with bright painted nails and, of course, no socks!
I think even after 17 months I´m still not fully used to being a houseowner - in a flat downtown things like that just don´t happen. I´m sure nobody has noticed my 10min of being a borgeouis village wallflower with brewery horse feet but I vow it won´t happen again.


  1. lol, too funny. I once lived in a town house (sounds posh, but wasn't) where you could just walk out of the front door. I ran out looking like crap all the time :)

  2. cute... and at least you were wearing nice socks ;)

  3. I love them both - shoes and socks <3