Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Veronika der Lenz ist da

Right now the asparagus season in Germany is still going strong until the official end at St. John, the 24th June.

In the typical asparagus regions (the plant needs a sandy soil) you can´t miss the stands and booths selling the white "king of the vegetables"pretty much everywhere.
In England you can´t get any of this glorious food. Here they only sell the green variety but the more exclusive white ones are nowhere to be seen. If they would know what they are I will keep flying over with 2-3 kilos in my luggage :-)


  1. I think white aspargus is really a german thing. In France they know only green and violett aspargus which is the grown in daylight version of the white aspargus.

  2. Oh, wieder was gelernt! Wusste nciht, dass die Weißen exklusiver sind als die Grünen. Weiße mag ich lieber. Heute Abend wartn wieder 500g auf mich. Wehe Prince Charming will was abhaben, der hat Schnitzel!