Thursday, 21 June 2012

Sûrname 2010

Country: Turkey
Company/ Theatre: İstanbul Büyükşehir Belediyesi Şehir Tíyatroları
Language: Turkish
Author: Yiğit Sertdemir
Director: Yiğit Sertdemir
seen on the 18.06.12 in Wiesbaden "New Plays from Europe" festival

Description: A theatrical declaration of love for Europe’s trendiest metropolis: Istanbul – European capital of culture 2010. 20 actors and a multitude of larger-than-life puppets enact a turbulent review, ranging from contemporary urban crowds to historic folk festival. In turn bizarre and funny or critical and thoughtful, but always powerful and vibrant, the past and present appear closely linked in this dynamic and vital international metropolis.

what I liked: It felt like a christmas panto from a very different culture. I liked the puppets, the variety they came in and the creativity. Some looked a bit scary but I certainly enjoyed leaning back and being surprised...
what I disliked: There was not much point in the plot in my opinion. It was all used as a reason to show all the different puppets and ideas but I wouldn´t say that it is a great new "play" as such.

verdict: Maybe I just missed the intellectual point again but for me this was more kids birthday party than critical and exciting new play. Nevertheless I enjoyed it...but left feeling a bit unsatisfied.

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  1. too bad that it was missing depth... but i guess that happens rather fast with puppets... at least it sounds magic :)