Wednesday, 13 February 2013


I have been so good recently...getting rid of two pairs of boots as they had more holes than swiss cheese. Then I went shopping again...and added those four pairs to the collection.
My excuse? They were cheap.
And who can resist minty chucks? Or studded flat peeptoes? Or soft brown ballerinas for only 3pounds that will go with anything? Or the real leather flat hybrids between a brogue and a ballerina?
See, you probably would have done the same :-)

(1-2-3. Primark, 4. Clarks)


  1. Außer dass ich bei Chucks die flache Variante lieber mag (steht mir besser) zu allen ein eindeutiges: JA!

    1. mir passen die flachen Chucks auch besser da ich so einen extrem hohen Spann habe und bei den hohen immer die Senkel ganz locker machen muß um auch nur halbwegs reinzukommen. Aber in mint gab es sie nur so...und mint musste sein :-)