Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Rosie & Java

Rosie & Java

12 Paved Court
TW9 1LZ 

It´s not always easy in England to find some more extravagant and high quality loose teas.
In the old part of Richmond I came across this charming little shop which stocks a wide range (for English conditions) of flavoured and non-flavoured teas, coffees and accessoires that are connected and needed for the perfect tea/coffee time.
Definitely will go there again...as soon as I have used up all of my approx. 50 different sorts of tea ... or at least half of them :-)


  1. happy belated birthday!

    hope you treated yourself to something nice like this ;)

    1. thanks, but my birthday is on the 23rd so still a little bit of time away. Anyway, I'm sure I will treat myself to something very nice on that day indeed :-)

  2. didn't you say it was "rosenmontag"?

    oh... right... this date moves and you did not mean the one this year!
    shame on me :D