Friday, 15 February 2013

Little Miss Planner

Two facts influence my social life in Germany (in England I simply don´t have one)
a) I have a lot of time but b) the time that I have wants to be well used as I´m always in the country for a few weeks only and try to fit everyone I´d like to see in for a coffee, drink and chat.
I try to have one "date" to look forward to each day - may it be cinema, theatre or meeting a friend.
I plan it all in advance so I have time for everything and everyone. Finicky, pedantic. Without my calendar I would never leave the house.
During the next step my mind starts working.
What to wear when? My real-life version of polyvore keeps rotating in my head.
Call me stupid, shallow, freakish or just an under-worked desperate housewife but I plan my outfit for each occasion very carefully.
Perfume x not y for Monday as person 1 doesn´t like it. Not the red jumper for Tuesday as I was wearing it last time I met person 2. Silly shoes Wednesday as it shouldn´t snow. Bigger handbag Thursday so I can go to the library on the way home and as it works well with the green coat. New nail varnish friday as I have a bank appointment and can´t sign anything with chipped nails. Not the nice cardigan on Saturday as I will go to that restaurant were the clothes smell of food afterwards and then I can´t wear it again Sunday for person 3 who will probably like it´s style...etc etc.
It is definitely some from of OCD but it keeps me happy. Everything planned to perfection.
And then life happens...and people get ill or busy and cancel appointments. A natural thing that happens and isn´t anyones fault.
And I get thrown out of my routine. Completely. Suddenly sitting there with free time wearing dramatic eyeliner and Chanel No5 as I was scheduled to meet a more flamboyant friend and not knowing what to do now. Would be a waste to stay at home...but would be a waste to walk though the forest like this too. And no one else is that free to step in spontaneously.
I hate it own inflexibility.

Please please tell me that I´m not the only one :-)!?


  1. Ich ticke ähnlich und kleide mich immer dem Anlass entsprechend. :-)