Saturday, 5 July 2014

everyday (part 25)

half the year is gone...scary...and this week I seem to have spend mostly eating, sleeping and sitting in theatre which suits me fine

18.-24. June

18.6. had a "Kaffee-Becher" at Eiscafe Cortina, two addictions satisfied in one go, perfect
19.6. saw "La reunification des deux corées" in theatre and with that my 6th "New plays from Europe" festival in Wiesbaden began
20.6. went on a book shopping spree together with my book-mad friend from Karlsruhe and introduced her to the Bukafski
21.6. had my first ever home-made pizza after the dough had been resting and rising for two days in the fridge
22.6. had some pineapple upside down cake, nice and simple
23.6. re-discovered a local garden centre - in the past it always was not worth going to but this time the choice of bedding plants was superb
24.6. saw "Orchidee" in theatre


  1. looks nice... hope i can do some book shopping on tomorrow's fleamarket :D

  2. Home-made pizza is the best! :D