Thursday, 31 July 2014


author: Marianna Salzmann
theatre/ensemble: Deutsches Theater Berlin

seen on the 21st June during the New Plays From Europe Festival in Wiesbaden

plot: Three women, three generations, three life plans: grandmother, mother, and daughter. What was it like to be a Jew in East Germany fifty years ago? What does it mean today?

verdict: If you enjoyed the film "8 femmes" you will love this play.
It´s a joy to listen to these women fight, bitch and gaining insights to their inner turmoils.
Sometimes you want to run on stage and tell them to just leave each other alone...but everyone will recognize some or more typical mother/ daughter situations and conflicts.
The play would be nothing without its stunning actresses, especially Anita Vulesica (which I only knew from German tv crime series "Ein Fall für Zwei", can you believe it!), Gabriele Heinz and Natalia Belitski (even though I found her acting a bit too nervy and a bit too much).
Thoughtprovoking, clever and entertaining - brilliant.

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  1. this one sounds really interesting! i should check if they play it again in Berlin :)