Friday, 25 July 2014

everyday (part 29)

16.- 22. July

16.7. been to the newly opened "Hema" in Kingston - another shop that looks and feels like "Tiger"
17.7. celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary with a luxurious burger at "Three Horseshoes"
18.7. went to the Curzon cinema in Richmond for the first time and saw "Boyhood"
19.7. went to London and saw "1984" in the Playhouse Theatre, the ticket cost 19,84
20.7. collected a lot of blackberries from the field near our house, finally they were ripe while I was over
21.7. travelled in the back of our car as we needed the front seat for transporting wooden stakes
22.7. walked from Acton Town to Holland Park and met my fellow blogger vivian which was lovely

1 comment:

  1. i used to like hema when i was in paris, especially the postcards... tiger seems a little funnier to me. dunno why :D

    the ticket is fun :) never saw 1984 as a play... i imagine that to be quite "tough"