Saturday, 26 July 2014

Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2014

"This is the world’s largest open entry exhibition and we’ve been holding it for nearly 250 years – that’s nine British monarchies, 43 US Presidents, two World Wars and more than 50 British Prime Ministers. Throughout that time, the Summer Exhibition has remained a powerful barometer of the art of each age. And the same simple premise has always applied – anyone can enter and all of the works are chosen by leading artists.
The sheer variety of work presented each year is what makes the Summer Exhibition an annual highlight of the cultural calendar. This year, you can explore the black and white room curated by Cornelia Parker, see what our new RAs Thomas Heatherwick and Bob and Roberta Smith have in store and, as ever, view hundreds of other works by people who may yet become your new favourite artists. Who will you discover?" 

I cannot stress enough how terrified I am that even 2014 is so far progressed already again that I went to the yearly Summer Exhibition at London's Royal Academy.

As always it is an overwhelming display of 1262 art works ranging from drawings over paintings to architectural 3D models and a film installation.
While I didn't see anything too inspiring last year I found this year a strong one again. Not only was I inspired and thought more than once "Why didn't I have this idea?!", no, this time I even had to laugh out loud (not too loud of course...didn't wanna upset the distinguished RA friends around me) because some works where that funny.
Like a pro I made notes in the exhibition catalogue to remember which artists are worth checking out.

Here some of my highlights:

Maria Konstanse Bruun "You are to me what I was to her #1"

Cornelia Parker "Stolen Thunder II"

Anthony Dyson "On the brink"

Anna Grayson "An Allegory of Modern Marriage" (After Jan van Eyck)

Phil Shaw "For Piet's Sake"

Peter Abrahams "Approximate Precision - Scourers 4"

Martin Creed "Work No. 398: Assholes"

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  1. that looks really interesting... i need to change country again :D