Monday, 14 July 2014

sportsmanship - the absence of Sportsgeist

The football worldcup is over and done with, I survived again without watching a single match and don't feel as if I missed anything.
If I'm not interested in football all the other 3 years and 360 weeks between world cups I see no point in suddenly pretending it.
What irritates me and always has so are the phrases that you can read everywhere today "WE are proud", WE have done well", OUR boys".

Hmm, call me a nitpicker but they are certainly not MY boys, I'm not proud of people I wouldn't even recognize in the street and I certainly haven't done well ( last night I spend sitting in the bath tub looking after my sunburned skin - not sure that counts as an outstanding achievement really).

Don't get me wrong, for a change this is not a rant - I noticed football passes quicker if I ignore it than if I get angry (the wisdom that comes with age I suppose).
 But I seem to be part of a small group of people who are 100% lacking any form of sportsmanship.

Last year Sebastian Vettel got the title three or four races before the end of the season, my Dad said what I thought "Does he still have to take part in those now?!?"
As a Brasilian player last week, can't you just say "Had enough now, you are winning, bye bye"??
If you are unfortunate and get injured during a match, isn't it better if it happens in minute one so you can leave and sit by the side?

It won't suprise you now that attending sport events during school for me was mostly a case of going there, showing my face to the teacher and leaving again after about five minutes. At least I never pretended being ill!
I'm not a fighter and doubt this will ever change.

So, what is your opinion on this? Are you maybe too a person lacking this particular spirit?

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  1. amen. I'm so with you. didn't watch a single game. and I'm proud of it :)