Sunday, 6 July 2014

feeling beige

Last Friday I spend time at the airport again.

I love airports - that promise of unlimited possibilities, the people from all over the world, the hustle and bustle and the feeling it will never ever sleep.
As much as I enjoy my time there when I´m just a visitor strolling around and having my coffee, I feel strange when I´m an actual traveller on my way between one home to another.
(Going on holidays is a different thing, in those situations airports are still just exciting)

The feeling that overcomes me everytime again is best described as neutral.
I´m sad to leave one place I call home, I´m looking forward to be at the other home.
Both emotions seem to balance each other out so I´m left feeling neutral.
Not happy, not sad, neither wanting nor missing anything, not curious, not bored - just neutral.

An emotion that is fairly unusual for me, I´m normally enthuastic or melancholic and angry or happy but hardly ever "neutral".
Neutral doesn´t inspire me to do anything, when I look at my diaries I can tell you exactly that I´m only productive when I´m excited or sad.

My husband and I once laughed spotting the shop sign of a kebab place saying "Neutral Kebabs" and were less than convinced to get any decent food there.
One of my friends always keeps out of any ongoing argument claiming that "she is Switzerland, she is neutral" and drives me absolutely mental at times.

So this is my Sunday ramble about neutrality - if I bored you I apologize, I´m not in transit between two countries anymore so will have enough emotions again soon to write about more entertaining subjects :-)

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  1. As excited as I am in airports, because it will bring me to another place, I'm equally scared that I overlooked one of the thousand rules and that I will be arrested for the rest of my life. Okay, that sounds pretty paranoid when voiced out :D