Friday, 18 July 2014


author: Ahmet Sami Özbudak
theatre/ensemble: GalataPerform, Istanbul

seen on the 26th June during the New Plays From Europe Festival in Wiesbaden

plot: The tranvestite in 2010, the communist in 1980 and the Greek-Orthodox sisters in 1955 - they all live in the same flat in Istanbul Tarlabaşı. They are outsiders of their time, each of them leaving traces behind - scents are lingering in the air, objects get moved, voices of those who argued, loved and laughed here are heard.

verdict: The idea of showing all three plot lines at the same time and in the same space is clever and new to me. In Istanbul this play apparently gets performed in a real flat which I'm sure makes it quite intense and eerie in a way. As intelligent and fresh the idea and the stage design are, in my opinion the plotlines let it down. I don't particularly care about the fate of all the portrayed outsiders and little is done to characterise them properly.

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  1. I'm always sad when there is an interesting idea but the story is not capturing...