Thursday, 10 July 2014

everyday (part 26)

25. June -  1. July

25.6. watered my grandparents grave with the help of an empty applewine bottle - couldn't be bothered to carry the big watering can all the way through town so I decided a bottle would be less obstrusive (made me look like an episodic drinker though)
26.6. had a bank appointment with yet another smart boy talking things through...why is it you never meet the same one twice?!
27.6. had the most amazing Gai Phad King (chicken with ginger) at Chi Chi Thai Frankfurt
28.6. saw "Muttersprache Mameloschn" in theatre, stunning main actress!
29.6. had some home made red currant cake, never made one before
30.6.after festival blues, fought it with the first home-made cappuccino (usually make latte macchiatos with my fancy electric milk foamer)
1.7. tried the bargain ice cream at the Eis Pavillion in Mainz Gonsenheim

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