Monday, 21 July 2014


theatre: Wyndham´s Theatre
author: David Hare
director: Stephen Daldry

with: Bill Nighy, Carey Mulligan, Matthew Beard

plot: On a bitterly cold London evening, schoolteacher Kyra Hollis receives an unexpected visit from her former lover, Tom Sergeant, a successful and charismatic restaurateur whose wife has recently died. As the evening progresses, the two attempt to rekindle their once passionate relationship only to find themselves locked in a dangerous battle of opposing ideologies and mutual desires.

what I liked: Bill Nighy and Carey Mulligan, what more do I need to say. The play itself is somewhat dated but nevertheless the discussed issues are still up-to-date. I was especially delighted by the clever and atmospheric stage design!

what I didn't like: Nothing really, it´s only that Bill Nighy is (at least in my eyes) such a loveable person - Carey Mulligan on the other side acted slightly stiff which gave the already jaundiced teacher character an even more unlikeable egde so the verbal battle between the two never seemed fully equal.

verdict: Not sure if Bill Nighy really is a splendid actor as whatever he acts - he always is "Bill Nighy".  But I don´t care, I enjoyed the play and it was wonderful to see him live on stage.

PS: There is some real chopping and cooking going on on stage - this distracted me somewhat. I hate to think it all gets binned each and every night...and is it really normal to pour milk into a bolognese sauce?!?


  1. Was kostet ein Stück mit derart hochkarätigen Schauspielern denn an Eintritt? Das finde ich nun ja doch ziemlich toll :)

    1. Meistens geht es ab 10£ fuer schlechte/ Stehplaetze los, unsere Karten haben 19£ pro Stueck gekostet :-)

  2. love, love, love Bill Nighy