Friday, 10 August 2012

achat en gros

Last tuesday we drove the long way from Germany back to England again. Not without stopping in Belgium to buy a few things and dip my feet into the north sea once again...and certainly not without shopping at Carrefour, Calais.You probably already know that I have a thing for foreign supermarkets - I find them entertaining, I end up buying too much cause I'm curious or the packaging is nice and I love comparing them to the supermarkets at home. France of course is not really that new and exciting to me but still...we left with two very full bags and with 85Euros less.

Cheap wine and champagne (yes, in the 2litre plastic bottle), fun shaped pasta, exotic jams and bread spreads, my beloved Mr. Propre "Savon de Marseille" floor cleaner, some lovely macarons (only to take a picture for the blog really ;-)), two "Le Petit Marseillais" shower gels smelling of white peach and lilac,...

...and of course tons of cheese, biscuits, yogurts, tabbouleh for the addict, more cheese etc.
Vive la France!


  1. Oja, die Petit de Marseilles sind soooooo toll. Die beiden Sorten kenn ich gar nicht. Habe noch Vanille, Lavendel und Mandarine-Zitrone, dann muss ich auch wieder Nachschub kaufen gehen. :o)

  2. yep, quite underrated. just like ludwigshafen/mannheim. but i think it's always like that. people who do not live nearby have a very stative view on towns/cities they don't really know. but ... okay :) some years ago i also have eaten a very delicious pizza in darmstadt. don't know anymore how the restaurant was called. oh and i love the aussie bar. ever been there?


  3. maybe because of the fabulous cocktails and ostrich meat? ;) XD