Sunday, 19 August 2012

more things about me

Part of being a blogger is talking about yourself so I grabbed another tag from lovely Miss W.

What do you like for breakfast?
It varies...when I was a teenager I didn't really do breakfast but now I never leave the house without. Can be a muesli with lots of fruit, could be a nutella sandwich, rarely it could be bacon and eggs or a bowl of porridge...but always with something hot to drink, in the morning preferably tea.

Which colour do you wear on your nails right now?
China Glaze "Cream Puff"

What do you usually order in a bar?
I can be horribly stingy when it comes to (alcolholic) drinks: A cocktail if there is a happy hour, if not maybe a glass of rose wine or, if I'm in Hesse, apple wine...but normally I stick with latte macchiato or diet coke.

Which are your favourite pair of shoes?
at the moment: brogues in any shape or colour. Stylish, comfy, tidy and a liiittle bit edgy.

What is your favourite spaghetti dish?
Unfortunately I love nearly all of them.

Which is your favourite colour?
in general greens and violets. But always the muddy, dusky and sort of "impure" shades, never the clear and bright ones. Apart from that I love a pale ballet shoe pink.

If you could chose one supernatural power, which one would it be?
Turning invisible whenever I want to - means never paying for flights or concerts again and sneaking around other peoples houses, hehe.

What is your signature dish?
I love cooking and cook nearly everyday so it would be a bit sad to reduce this all to one single dish. But if I had to pick a failsafe one - Spaghetti Bolognese with little meat and loads of vegetables.

What annoys you most?
Way too many things which can make life challenging sometimes...people around me eating noisily or licking their fingers is my pet hate

If you could go back in life, which period would you like to live in again?
Not sure, painful question...good that this option is not available really.

Which loyalty cards are in your wallet?
I'm a sucker for loyalty cards but have tidied them a lot and now only have those that I really use. In my German wallet are the Paypack card, the IKEA family card, the Miles&More card from Lufthansa and several stamp cards from my favourite coffee shops.
In my English wallet there are cards from Tesco, Nectar (Sainsbury's),  Boots, Superdrug, Matalan,  Waterstones, Costa Coffee and loads of Caffe Nero stamp cards. Trust me, this IS the state after the big tidy!

What item was the last you repaired?
...that's the reason why I got married...;-)


  1. The tones displayed on the colour wheel are lovely. Talking about greens and muddy shades - I really liked your dress and never got round to telling you...

  2. Oja, wenn die Leute laut essen... mein Horror. Ich kann dann gar nicht anders und muss sie böse anschauen... manchmal muss ich auch den Ort/das Zimmer verlassen. Das macht mich wahnsinnig. Am schlimmsten sind die Leute, die mit offenem Mund essen... dass es überhaupt sowas gibt!