Tuesday, 21 August 2012

BP Portrait Prize 2012

If you come past the National Portrait Gallery in London, go in and have a look at this years BP Portrait Award exhibition (you should go in anyway as it is a fantastic museum which always has amazing portraits - old or contemporary - on display, can't stress that enough).

As every year I was amazed again by the talent.
Some paintings make you wanna touch them as your mind simply can't get that it's not a photo!
All tell their own stories and you can't help but thinking about that person you see, who are they, what did they feel while being painted? Seeing a human face is something everyone can relate to, it's not too abstract or boring, a face always draws all attention to it.

The admission is free and it is still on until the 23rd sep 2012.


  1. i really need to visit again...

  2. Schade... verpasst. Es gibt leider immer viel zu viel zu sehen.
    P.S. - Auf Deine Top Ten freue ich mich immens, ich mag es, neue Sachen zu entdecken.

  3. Ich war letztes Jahr im September auch dort und es war wirklich super beeindrucken, ich habe mich sehr gefreut Andy Warhol Gemälde mal "live" zu sehen :) Damals war eine Sonderausstellung zum Thema "Glamour of the Gods: Hollywood Portraits". Das war auch richtig toll :)