Sunday, 26 August 2012

it´s a new day, it´s a new life

Since I was in secondary school I have always used a proper calendar for organizing my dates, keeping flyers and tickets and making notes - some years the books look really busy, some years they look more blank. I keep them all on a shelf in my bedroom.
Every year around June the new calendars slowly get onto the market again. Every year I promise myself to wait until the variety is bigger but each year I crumble and get my new baby in August, at the latest.
I´m such a victim when it comes to beautiful stationery...

And here is my choice for 2013... apple green, hand-made, larger than A5, flexible and with charming yellow tinted smooth paper...

Then comes the big moment of defloration...I love and fear it at the same time.
Love to go through all birthdays and already scheduled weddings etc, love to remember things and make a clean sweep...fear it as I tend to make a typo directly on the first page (this year I started particularly bad - first wrote in the wrong work schedule of my husband and then slipped into the wrong month when writing down birthdays, buuuh).
A new calendar always gives me the feeling that a new, fresh and promising start is lying ahead...organized, tidy, colourful and with endless time.
Definitely one of my favourite parts of the year, one of my rituals - how about you?

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  1. used to do smth similar in december with my wall calendar... in paris we can´t put anything on the wall without drama so i make my own little calendars - less satisfying but working for now