Thursday, 9 August 2012

artistic differences

It started to happen a little while ago, around my 30st birthday to be precise...
To give you a bit of background information - once I was trying to keep up with modern music, reading the Rolling Stone and clicking my way through the amazon clips. I had a look on MTV and Viva and pretty much knew what was happening.
Not any more - I have had lost any interest in the music charts and current hypes. Now I still discover great artists from time to time but, apart from e.g. Adele or Michael Kiwanuka, they are hardly mainstream or very much up-to-date.
Although I would say that I generally love music and have a very extensive collection of cd's, I have never gotten into the whole download thing and use my iPod only for the camera.

Anyway, it started in H&M...I went in, wanted to take a quick look at the sale items and...I left again.
The song playing in store (I have no idea what it was and don't really need to find out) was so awful and distracting that I got fed up pretty quickly and went on the run.
Sounds excentric or pathetic to you?
I'm sure it is! But last week it happened again...5 shops, 5 times shitty music. You don't get me into the mood for a shopping haul like this.
So, am I an hyper-sensitive snob, getting really old, just strange or all of that?!
Please let me know when you lost touch with chart music and if you ever left a shop because of the appaling noise coiming from the speakers!

PS: To be fair - it has happened the other way round too in the past...that I browsed through the T-shirts section much longer then needed only because the song was that good.

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