Tuesday, 28 August 2012

innocent fortune telling

In school, when we all were about 16 year old, my best friend and I went through a phase of obsessing about our future. We had clear ideas how all the other people would end up living and it culminated when we started writing a fictional cv for each other.

Now, nearly 14 years later, I found this letter in my desk again (I knew it was there and had a look some years ago so it wasn´t as dramatic as it sounds) and can´t help but comparing life and fiction. Being 30 is a very good point for doing so, I guess...:-)

According to my friend I did an apprenticeship, then studied and now I´m a stage designer at our local theatre.
2000 I meet my future husband, a 1,77m tall Swabian car-mechanic that works as a fire man now, has dark curly hair, is not exactly thin and is born on the 8.7.77. His hobbies? Hiking, bike tours and playing chess. 2005 we moved together, 2008 we got married. 

On the 9.9.2010 our daughter gets born who loves music, behaves well and later studies biology. On the 12.3.14 we have twins - two rowdy boys who love football and maths. One ends up working in a bank, the other one becomes a pilot.

We all live in a big old maisonette flat with high ceilings and huge windows, apparently we have two sinks in the family bathroom. We drive a VW Golf until it becomes vintage and a Sharan.
The flat we share with our two cats, Maunzi and Schnufi and the two budgies, Helmut &Friedrich.

Our joined hobbies are eating out, going to musicals, visiting family and going to Scandinavia in the car every few years.

Some things have come true, some not but all in all I´m surprised how true some things have been predicted (and don´t laugh about details like the two sinks  - in my cv for her I predicted she would own a yogurt maker...).
My husband, the cats, the taste in cars...not thaaat wrong really. The apprenticeship? What I should have done instead of going to uni straightaway! The kids? Well, running a bit late with the girl and NOT looking forward to the football boys lol

This makes me sentimental and thoughful but it amuses me at the same time. Life was great at 16, we just didn't know it...youth is wasted on the young.


  1. the last words sound a bit bitter - although i couldn´t help nodding along...
    i wish i had a friend during that time predicting my bright future :D

    1. maybe not really bitter but just a bit sad that back then the world was full of unlimited possibilities and choices and now it seems somewhat more limited...

      PS: Ich glaube auch das alle Leute Spanien und Spanisch super finden...aber die Sprache ist für mich wirklich Folter für die Ohren

  2. das mit spanien finde ich übrigens toll... ich habe das gefühl, dass das irgendwie selten vorkommt o.O