Monday, 20 August 2012

Forever 21

Last year a hype started in the (British) blogging world - American fashion chain Forever 21 opened up a flagship store on Oxford street.
I went in a few weeks later, had a look around...and found everything quite ordinary. Fairly reasonable prices, nice things, a huge selection of jewellery but nothing I hadn't seen before in all the other shops.
Irritated by the doorman ("Thank you for shopping with us") I left and forgot about it.

Last week I ended up on their website, no idea why. And found their plus size range (don't think they have it in store, at least not this particular one)...and fell in love.

Fantastic pieces that look stylish without being too bland and tent like. The prices are low, the sizing is easy to understand and what I like a lot: the models on the website are actually big!!!

 I ended up ordering a few things and then had a "quick" look through the jewellery section. OK, I'm lying. With 100 items on each page I had to click my way through 50 (!) pages!!!
Last week the parcel arrived and I'm really happy with all the things I got. Definitely will have a look again and, no matter what size you are, check it out!


  1. sehr tolle Sachen :)

    Zurzeit veranstalte ich ein Giveaway, vielleicht möchtest du ja mitmachen? würde mich freuen:)

  2. ich weiß immer noch nicht, ob ich mal einen ausflug machen soll und den store in der nähe von paris besuche... hmhm... schade, dass die sales vorbei sind :D