Thursday, 13 December 2012

I´m going slightly mad

3 o´clock, I have an appointment to get my hair cut. Take the bus, then train, then walk, arrive on time. Sit there and wait a few minutes as I´m too early, as usual.
The door opens, somebody walks in. Not sure if it is a she, a he or even better described as a something. Somebosy wrapped in a woolly coat, wearing a Santa Claus hat on top of a blond and curly angels wig and sun glasses...the voice is female. She sits down next to me, introduces herself as the wife of Santa Claus and offers me chocolate which I kindly refuse. She is talky, I pretend to do some serious texting. I get called in, get my hair washed and sit down in front of the mirror again, looking like an idiot cause thats how you look with combed wet hair at a salon (well, at least I do).  She sits on the chair next to me. And talks while her long black hair gets trimmed...talks to her mine...I refuse. Talks about role plays, that she is a vampire, that she loves the Twilights series and re enacts it, that her nickname is bat, that she has visions and could foresee the death of her cat, that she is a such a special person, dresses up as Michael Jackson sometimes, starts singing, shows around photos, her advice: good vampire hands can be achieved by wearing latex gloves with black fake nails stuck on.
Well...all staff are good sports really. I´m trying some harmless smalltalk with my hairdresser girl. She talks about the Twilight films, not really my thing. Mentions loads of other films she has seen or wants to see, I don´t know any of them and don´t mind it.
In an attempt to say something as well I mention the "Les Miserables" film coming out January. "What is that?" - "Hmm, the musical!?!" No, never heard!"...After that I keep her talking about the new Linkin Park album and start listening to the Santas wife again in the background again...some afternoons are really special.


  1. at least kind of funny?

    how's your hair? ;)

  2. hahahaaaaaaa... da will ich auch zum friseur! :o) find ich super, ich mag solche personen, wenn sie harmlos sind. :o)