Sunday, 2 December 2012

Celebrate by Pippa Middleton

On my last visit to a Waterstones bookshop I discovered Pippa Middletons much talked about and much hated book about being a good host and having the most amazing traditional British parties and festivities.
Not something I normally would have been overly tempted by, a nice coffee table book, but:
I then saw this sticker...

...and bought it.
Surely not the most innovative or convincing cookery or home decor book and certainly won´t win a Booker prize. Nice to look at and now I can say: You all might have admired her well-shaped behind (I haven´t by the way) - I have an autograph of her now! And one day I will hopefully sit in my armchair by the fire, grandchildren on my lap and will show them the signature of the Queen´s sister...

Sometimes I´m so easy to impress :-)


  1. Is the signature printed or is it 'original'?

  2. too easy :D

    but why not... the content is really no good?

  3. Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan. Jetzt muss ich das auf meine amazon Wunschliste setzen... ;o) Bin auch einfach zu beeindrucken. ;o)

    1. dann natuerlich ohne Autogramm was schade ist

  4. Mit dem Buch verbinde ich eine Begegnung mit einem interessanten Menschen. ;-)