Tuesday, 11 December 2012

social desert

How do spend December when:
  • there are no official christmas parties in your life cause you are not employed, not a club member and your husbands employer doesn´t do such things?
  • there is no food to shop, plan and prepare as you don´t really celebrate christmas and even if, your family is tiny so no need to panic....
  • you have a strict no presents policy so no need to shop again...
  • you feel a deep dislike for mulled wine and overpriced sausages consumed at crowded and always the same looking christmas markets
You have found an answer? Good, cause I have not.
The run up to christmas for me normally means that my social life is basically coming to a halt - I am free, relaxed and in need for some entertainment...but no one else is.

Don´t get me wrong, I´m not winging and complaining and don´t want pity because most of these things could be changed by myself and I can deal with it. But maybe we all should think even more of all the people out there facing the same problem...only 100x worse. Everytime someone complains about their festive super busy lifestyle someone else might feel even more depressed about the lack of it. We should never forget that.

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  1. even if you are not into xmas december can be a nice month... spending quality time with yourself is always a good idea e.g. ;)