Monday, 29 April 2013

Berlin. Symphonie einer Großstadt

director: Walter Ruttmann
year: 1927

story: One day in 1920´s Berlin, from the the still empty streets of the early morning to the hectic urban life during the day until the city goes to sleep again late at night

what I liked: I love old b/w films and I love seeing how a familiar place like Berlin looked in a different time before war had taken it´s toll.
what I didn't like: nothing

verdict: Fantastic. It could have just been done in 2013 and wouldn´t look much different (of course it would but essentially not much has changed). Seeing all those people which are 99,9% all dead now, wondering who they were and what happened to them a few years later...asking myself which of the buildings survived undamaged...thinking that my grannies could have been in that film being 6 and 8 years old...being smitten by the 20´s fashion and drawn into that particular modern rhythm the film introduces, magic, touching and thoughtprovoking. Definitely worth seeing, especially if you are a Berlin and/or history fan.

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