Thursday, 25 April 2013

on the road 6

10 o´clock in the morning, the bus to the university campus. Two young guys, probably sport students, talking.

a: You look surprisingly good this morning!
b: I know. I´m surprised myself. Only came home 3 hours ago.
a: I guess that our friend W is still semi-conscious on that sofa? You both looked so cute asleep on there. Like an old couple.
b: Very funny
a: Was a really good night though, wasn´t it? Lots of good women there!
b: Yeah, apart from the one with the massive arse.
a: Yeah...
b: But the one I have been messing around with on the sofa was quite nice. I felt so good drinking much!!! What a shame I didn´t have any oral sex, that would have been perfect!
a: Yeah...

Guys, I´m sure you are pretty cool (at least you think so). I find it fascinating listening to you and, as I was pressed against you on the busy bus, appreciate a lot that you did shower and change your clothes after your boozy night.
One day I´m sure you will understand what tmi means. What do they say, people who speak the most about it, have the least...