Wednesday, 10 April 2013

London towage

A day trip to London means for me that I want to be prepared for nearly all possible eventualities...result is: I'm carrying a shitload of stuff with me in any handbag big and sturdy enough for the task and at least vaguely matching my outfit.

So what do I (and maybe you too?) need:

  • a bottle of water (can't go without)
  • my small camera (sometimes the big one plus lenses if I really wanna take pictures)
  • chewing gum
  • an "emergency" bag (painkillers, spare shoe lace, plasters, etc.)
  • a London map (as I tend to walk around everywhere)
  • wallet
  • diary
  • pen
  • calendar
  • book (for reading when I'm wide awake)
  • magazine (for reading when I'm tired)
  • make-up bag (should at least carry powder, lipstick and perfume)
  • hand disinfectant
  • hand creme
  • tissues
  • sun glasses (and/or umbrella)
  • keys
  • Oyster card (essential!)
  • iPod (not for music, only for checking emails in case I find free wi-fi)
  • mobile 1 (the German SIM)
  • mobile 2 (the English SIM)
  •  the extended version has spare shoes, sun cream and food in it as well...and that is before any possible shopping tour...
I think I should start looking into some back therapy training soon ;-)


  1. nice! thx for allowing us a look into your bag... i guess mine would be rather similar - you never know!

    was das umziehen angeht: über ungelegte eier wird noch nicht philosophiert... also nicht öffentlich! ich hoffe allerdings, dass ich noch mal nach london düsen kann... muss man ja nutzen!

  2. oh, and I thought I carry a lot of stuff around. you beat me :)

  3. We do need huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge bags :D