Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Midnight in Paris

director: Woody Allen
year: 2011
with: Owen Wilson, Rachel McAdams, Marion Cottilard, Michael Sheen, etc.

story: Gil, a successful American screenwriter struggles with his first novel and dreams about living in the 1920's. On holidays in Paris with his fiancee his dream seems to become true and changes his life and relationship...

what I liked: Where shall I start? Paris is depicted as a truly magical postcard picture. The music is lovely. The costumes are stunning. All actors do a very good job (and I finally start liking Owen Wilson now!) and the dialogues are funny and clever.
What is our personal "golden age"? Would we really like to time travel? Could we cope with going backwards in history or is it the safer way to simply browse antique markets? And what is the point of a relationship if you have next to nothing in common?

what I didn't like: That it had to end in 2010. I know I know, it wouldn't make sense otherwise but I could have stayed in the past forever. I give you that the Americans get portrayed very stereotypical and stupid but it fits in so wonderfully ;-)

verdict: Do you love Paris? Do you have the feeling that you live in the wrong time? Do you find Woody Allen funny? If you have answered all three questions with a clear yes (as I did) then this is the perfect film for you. Thoughtprovoking escapism, what more do you want.
I'm in love...and will go and get the dvd now (and get on planning that next trip to Paris).


  1. liked it a lot! though i never would want to live in an earlier time... especially not as a woman o.O

    hurry up with your trip... i'd love to meet you and we might move in autumn ;)