Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Friends with Benefits

last night I discovered that the sky-tv box has become much more clever than it used to be. I can now download and watch box sets of some popular tv series for free! I was pleased to find "Game of Thrones" as I was planning to finally give it a try after at least 20 people telling me how great it I started. 
And had to stop after exactly 4 minutes as I found it way too scary. Epic fail.
I decided to switch to something completely unscary...maybe not the best starting point for my viewing experience...

director: Will Gluck
year: 2011
with: Justin Timberlake, Mila Kunis, Patricia Clarkson, Richard Jenkins, etc.

story: Dylan and Jamie are both fed up with dysfunctional relationships so they decide to have a lot of sex while staying just friends. Of course this doesn't work out easy...

what I liked: that it wasn't as scary as "Game of Thrones"
what I didn't like: The story is simple and more than predictable.
Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis get on well but are average. I don't mind him nowadays but have developed quite a dislike in her during that film. Sorry but why does everyone, male and female, find her so extremely hot??? I find her voice and accent highly annoying and for me she has eyes like a cow...anyway. The whole setting is too picture perfect again. They are all oh-so-modern, busy, successful, wealthy (I mean, look at those appartements and the beach house!) and sometimes it is more of a gagdet battle than a film. Never before I was so relieved to see a character with Alzheimer's. Finally something human, unglamorous and at least a little bit less shallow.

verdict: Modern rom-coms are just not for me, I should know it by now.
Boring, sleek and with some cringeworthy scenes (not the surprisingly nude sex - I mean expressions like "But me likes cock, so I'm strickily-dickily". Really? Uhhh)

(and I'm going to get some really interesting traffic on my blog soon I guess lol)

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  1. awesome read :D

    ... and she does not look like a cow! more like a cow that got kicked... in its hindquarters