Sunday, 6 March 2011

525600 minutes...

 another "Blogstöckchen" I found at Miss Winkelmann´s, liked and would like to pass on.

What is your favourite season and what does your choice say about you?
Summer is normally to hot and winter too cold so I´m a spring and autumn person. But if I have to pick one: autumn, suits my melancholic temper.

What is your favourite month and why?
hmm...let me think...I think it is September. Not too hot, the air starts smelling of autumn, I normally go on holidays to Guernsey...

Does winter depress you?
Sometimes yes. Not because it is so cold or so dark but it depresses and annoys me a lot when the snow stops me from meeting people, taking trains, flights, etc.

What would you prefer - sunny and warm all year round or four seasons?
Definitly four seasons! What would there be to look forward to otherwise? That first winter day when the air suddenly smells of spring, the first summer day were in the evening a hint of autumn creeps in...would miss it an awful lot.

What is the perfect winter day for you?
Sunny and snow free, christmas tea

And what belongs to a perfect summer day?
Temperatures beyond 30°, light breeze, no blisters

Do you like carneval (as celebrated in Germany)?
I was born during "Fassenacht" and celebrated it a lot when I was a child. During puberty I started hating it, now I don´t mind it again. I love dressing up and would even consider going to some carneval parties but the binge drinkers stop me, can´t stand that.

Have you ever witnessed midnight sun or long scnadinavian winter nights?
no, but my plan travelling to Helsinki one day to try out the aprox. 5 Finnish words I learned in 4 semesters is still standing

What is your favourite holiday and how do you celebrate it?
I don´t have one. Not a christmas person, easter can become a bit long, ignore Halloween...

Are you decorating your house seasonal?
no, my house is decorated more than enough all year around so I don´t need seasonal things (apart from flowers) on top of that

Do you have special traditions on christmas, easter or any other holiday?
ignoring most of it, spending a lot of time at home being lazy. Ok, eating spinach on the thursday before Easter.


  1. Lovely post. I love spring and autumn too!!

  2. I used to think I was a winter person when I was living in Australia - have since discovered that this is really a Spring person in Germany. Love the weather currently - blue skies, weak sun and perhaps a little bit warmer (around 10-15 degrees), just perfect.
    Oh, and thanks for the award :)