Thursday, 10 March 2011


Today I went to H&M again after a long time of not finding anything there and eventually losing interest. Probably started about 2 years ago. I found H&M too expensive, too ordinary (they were behind what I had seen and shopped in England already months before) and I got fed up that the one in our town was a constant building site. Anyway, the mild weather and my shopping mood made me pop into one of the Frankfurt stores and what shall I say!? Loved it! Only spend a short time there but it all felt really stylish, fresh and chic. Bought 3 tops in the end and will return to look for more. So, have to change my opinion least this season H&M seems to be back on track again (although the accesoires and expecially the bags are still boring).
Got those two shirts and a lovely coral coloured jersey cardigan which is unfortunately not on the website. If only I wouldn't love all the colours at the moment so much :-)

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  1. I had noticed before that all the European chains are so behind what is in vogue on the island. Lucky you *sigh*. H&M is probably as good as it gets over here. Unless of course one has an unlimited shopping budget...
    Btw - I tagged you, in case you feel like participating.
    Liebe Grüße