Thursday, 3 March 2011

Stylish blog award - my seven.

Silvii Tron from Evening Lanterns has awarded me the Stylish blog award!
It´s my first award ever (I only have 10 readers so it´s not surprising really :-)). Part of the award is that I have to post a list of seven.
Here is my version: seven perfumes that hold very powerful memories for me.

(I collect scents and really have a lot of different ones. Nearly every one of them is connected to one special memory, I only picked the first seven that I thought of but could write something about each bottle. So it´s not a list of my favourite scents)

1. "Eternity" by Calvin Klein.
One of the first perfumes I picked for myself. The only one I buy again and again. If I would have to pick a signature scent, this would be my choice. I normally use it while travelling so it reminds me of stations, excitement, experiencing something new with the comfort of smelling 100% me.

2. "Insolence" by Guerlain
Was a birthday present by my husband and he picked well. A very powerful and powdery scent, sprayed once it stays on for ages. Reminds me of that birthday in February 2008, spend together in a local animal park, me being annoyed about all the people who forgot me again.

3. "Eden" by Cacharel
A typical 90´s scent, not too expensive, very powerful and a bit weird. Fell in love with it while I fell in love with theatre. I´m not really using this one anymore but when I open the bottle - it´s all there again in seconds. The first performance of "Swan Lake" I ever saw, sitting in the stalls with my granny.

4. "Poison" by Christian Dior
This was one of the favourite perfumes of my, just mentioned, granny. I inherited her love for strong and luxurious perfumes in beautiful bottles. She changed scents a lot but I remember her most when sniffing on this one. A particular moment walking next to her on a late winter afternoon, me pulling home my sledge.

5. "Little Black Dress" by Avon
Not a big Avon lover but somehow ended up with this one years ago. I was wearing it on my first ever day at university. Meeting new people, getting adjusted to everything, the first headaches cause there seemed to be too much to take in. And sitting in the sun on the bus home being uncomfortably hot in my burgundy fake leather jacket.

6. "L´infusion d´Iris" by Prada
A relatively new perfume I fell in love with instantly. Think it smells a bit similar to the "Big" shampoo by Lush. Sprayed it on my cardigan sleeve for the first time ever at Gatwick airport on our way to Guernsey. Spend a lovely holiday and the scent lasted nearly all 5 days. Simply beautiful and such a stylish bottle too.

7. "Polo Sport for Men" by Ralph Lauren
Not something I use but I still own the bottle. Bought it after "meeting" someone online I really really liked from the first chat on.He mentioned that he uses this perfume. Silly, young me (who always was stupid enough to fall in love before having met in real) thought it was romantic to buy a bottle so I could sniff it and dream...the relationship went through some big problems before it even started...smelling it started to get hardly plays a role anymore, but: this guy now is my husband. Not his scent, not ours, but something that is romantic in a bittersweet way.

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  1. I love reading the storys behind your perfumes.

  2. oh, vielen dank fuer den award :) fuehle mich sehr geehrt!!!!

  3. Poison was my mum's favourite for a while till Escada took over! As I child, i knew when she had left for work because from my parents bedroom, down the stairs and the kitchen, I would smell the perfume.

    Interesting post!

  4. Thank you. How cool! I feel honored and delighted that you enjoy reading my blog. :)

    I had a chuckle, though, when I read your comment. Coincidentally, I have awared you the award as well, as you will see when my post goes online midmorning. Doppelt genäht hält besser, was? ;)