Thursday, 24 March 2011

Drop Dead Gorgeous...the weekly round of q&a

Not much more to say, Miss Winkelmann has done it again :-)
A "blogstoeckchen" about make-up...

Do you leave the house bare faced?
rarely...sometimes on sundays when I'm only out for a walk. Or when I'm going swimming, not worth it then

What is your daily make-up regime (at the moment)?
cleansing (Sebamed soap, Rival de Loop Toner)
using a light moisturiser (Boots Originals "Vanishing day cream")
sometimes dashes of foundation, sometimes not (Maybelline "Dream matte mousse")
using concealer to hide "imperfections" (the cheap P2 one looking like a lipstick)
transluscent powder (Rival de Loop Young "Fancy face powder")
black mascara (Maybelline "Great Lash")
lip balm (one of maaaany...right now the green camomille labello)
...and whatever else I think is needed, matches or I fancy at that moment (khol, eye shadow, lip stick, bronzer, etc.)

Do you like testing new products?
yes, a lot. And even more so since I started reading all the wonderful beauty blogs

Your favourite brand?
don't have one...I chose whatever I like

How much money do you spend on cosmetics?
not sure I really wanna know. I guess, just make-up without the other drugstore stuff or perfume, probably an average around 15Euros a month.

Do you have a special beauty routine for special events? I think about it a lot and make plans in my head how perfect it should/could be. And end up in some sort of rush and do things pretty average. But to be honest, there are no proper special events in my life.

Your beauty tip?
go to bed earlier and get more sleep than I do normally ;-)

Do you visit beauty parlours?
no, never have. Don't have the money and don't like being in the center of attention so I'm not sure it's really me anyway

And what, in your eyes, is too much?
claw like fake fingernails...

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  1. I love the photo that you chose - perfect match ;)