Tuesday, 8 March 2011



On my last trip to the local library I saw this book while passing by and searching for something completely else. The title struck me - people who know me, know that I always dream about writing books. In my brain I have a few more or less complex plots laid out...and I had one title set. "Scheinfrei" was the title of one of my imaginary books...I was too late this time I guess.
To explain, the word "scheinfrei" means in university terms that you have finished all assignments and have collected all credit points so you are ready to start writing your final thesis. You could also translate it into something like "fake-freedom" which makes it (in my humble opinion) quite a clever word.
Anyway, the book itself is the story about three girls who share a flat in Germany, study and are notoriously bankrupt. Nothing special but an easy and more or less realistic read (was a bit scared first to see this book was classed as lesbian literature but that really doesn´t get too much in the story).
So I have to find a new title for my story...and finally get the damn bestseller written quick :-)


  1. So, would you recommend the book?
    Btw - I am sorry that someone "stole" your book title. Reminds me a little bit of that SATC episode, where one of the Mumzillas stole Charlotte's Baby name ("But you are not even pregnant, yet!").
    Liebe Grüße

  2. my list of bay names is ready for years...and some years already got stolen. I think I´m really a real life Charlotte :-)

  3. baby names???? I don't want kids, so you can tell me without being worried about me stealing them :)

  4. I always enjoy finding out the meaning of German "composite" words - they always make me giggle for there literal, but funny, english translations. Nacktschnecke and Zeitlupe are two of my favourites.