Saturday, 5 March 2011

and as I´m still stylish...

 ...and got another "Stylish Blogger Award" from the lovely Miss Winkelmann so theoretical  I should do another round of seven. As my perfume post yesterday got quite positive reactions I will do another one and share seven more memories with you:

"Kouros" by YSL
A perfume for men, never owned it and never have known anyone who wears it so far. But a test strip of it is still  in one of my old diaries. I always imagined the man of my dreams to smell exactly like that. Masculine, grown-up, wise and luxurious. Not something a young man would wear, a far cry different from all the boyish fresh, cheap and clean deodorants that surrounded me. So I sat there sniffing on my diary dreaming as you do when you are 15.

"Flower" by Kenzo
I was hunting down the perfume one of my uni lecturers was wearing (not because I fancied her in any way, only because I loved the smell) and found this one. It smells fresh, flowery and somehow "sour" (in a good way) to me. Bought it in three small bottles so it ended up being the perfect holiday pick. Had it's first outing in Berlin. First time Berlin for me, icy cold and grey february, buying a T-Shirt with a Trabbi print, stalking the red Berlinale carpet and sitting in our hotel room in Kreuzberg.

"J´Adore" by Christian Dior
 This smell always transports me back to my first school trip to England in 13th grade. Arriving in Canterbury after a long and difficult trip through Belgium and and Channel. Sitting tired and homesick on my bunkbed, next door "Never be the same again" by Mel C. was playing...never would have thought that a life long love story with this country was about to begin, never be the same again indeed.

"Deep Red" by Hugo Boss
The perfume forever connected with my driving lessons. I really enjoyed them, talking to my instructor felt a bit like therapy to me. Lightened up that difficult transission between leaving school and deciding what to do next. Smells a bit of failure as well as I enjoyed the lessons but after that never got the hang of driving and haven't sat behind the wheel for nearly 9 years now...

" Loving Bouquet" by Escada
A wonderful flowery and powdery perfume that was a limited edition and is unfortunately long gone from the market. My granny bought it and it came with a cute light purple and green handbag. Used it a lot in grade 11, the year when my results in chemistry, physics and maths were all very bad and I nearly didn't make it into the 12th grade. One summer morning my teacher told me that the school conference decided that I get a chance and could progress as normal. That significant moment is imprinted with Escada...

"Daisy" by Marc Jacobs
I love the bottle, I love the scent, but: I don't own it. I spray it on every single time I am at a duty free shop and find a not-yet-sprayed-on part of my arms so it's my airport smell. Can't explain why I never got round buying it...maybe it stands for leaving one home for another and would lose it's magic if being grounded?

"Truth" by Calvin Klein
While planning my highly unusual wedding I decided that I needed a new perfume to signify that special occasion for me. I was looking for a perfume that had a mens version as well and as I already loved so many CK scents I decided on this fresh but unusual one in the plain bottle. Not much more too add, it smells of my wedding and only gets used at very special days...


  1. I never got the hang of driving either.
    In what way was your wedding highly unusual?

  2. we did get married nearly completely on our own. Only had to organise a more or less random witness, a photographer and that´s it. Even our parents didn´t know :-)