Sunday, 20 March 2011

Return to sender II

A thing I forgot to mention in my last post but got noticed by another fellow England/Germany commuter is the fact that not only the Brits don´t put their address on envelopes, no, they don´t have their name written next to the doorbell. Outside a house or a block of flats nothing gives away who actually is living inside. So if you want to visit someone and don´t know the exact house or flat number (or even more posh, the name of the house like "Lavender Cottage" or so) you are fucked.
But the problem doesn´t end here. So you are prepared, don´t only know the name of the person but even the house number and then: you can´t find the house number written anywhere! Doesn´t apply to all houses but many don´t give away their number or name...I don´t see the point, wonder how those people ever get any post or visitors and remain German.

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