Saturday, 26 March 2011


Bought them about 4 years ago from Primark (alias Penny's) in Dublin...a size too small but they sort of fitted anyway...wore them first time on an evening walk around our b&b...were a bargain and so practical with the stretch material instead of laces...brought me several blisters and some pain...still kept them as I'm a hoarder...wore them while visiting the zoo in they have a hole in the sole...and it's finally time to say goodbye...and I plan on not buying things that are actually too small just cause they are cheap ;-)
Until I do it again...

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  1. Musst nicht neidisch sein. Meine Energie ist schon dahin gegangen.. hab 2 Stunden H&M und Asos Sachen anprobiert und jetzt lieg ich auf dem Sofa.. ;o)