Monday, 28 March 2011

Mieses Karma by David Safier

Yeah, after seeing the book for a long time in the shops and never beeing particularly interested by it´s incredibly boring cover design, I picked it up on one of my library trips.
Joining libraries again after years of abstinence was definitely one of my best decisions in the last months. I save an awful lot of money and space that way and it gives me a great feeling of satisfaction standing in a library, thinking you can have them all...and don´t get a bill in the end.
But back to the book. It is the story of a successful tv presenter, Kim Lange, who gets killed by a Russian satellite and has to live lives as an ant, squirrel, guinea pig, cow, etc. in order to build up good karma and finally be allowed in to the Nirvana. Accompanied by a reincarnated Casanova she tries to influence the lifes of her family, make up for the mistakes she made in her first life and in the end comes back as a human...
The story sounds a bit too simple and absurd and it is. There were points were I couldn´t be bothered reading on. But, I have to confess, other bits were quite good and even touching. As plain and unrealistic the idea and story are, I still found them thought-provoking. What if that whole reincarnation thing was true? And maybe it really could be that simple?? Would that be a comforting thought or not? Would I happier to live as a cat??
The language sometimes tries too hard to be witty and modern but I got used to it. Unfortunately the end turned out to be way too happy...
Not a great hit but better than I thought. At least the idea was original and will stay in my mind.

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  1. My best friend says "This book is total crap and no fun at all!"... well, haven't dared to read it yet :D ("dared"...? Sounds weird... oh boy, my English is getting worse and worse)