Thursday, 10 March 2011

...I now pronounce you husband and wife

Another "Blogstoeckchen" I caught from the lovely Miss Winkelmann...perfect subject for me so, watch out, this will be a longer post now :-)

always been convinced that I never would get married in my life (even wrote that in my Abitur English exam so this opinion is more or less official ;-)). Never been attracted by all the fuss, never thought a big fat white robe would suit my "voluptous" body, wasn´t convinced I would ever meet Mr. Right and always been fairly embarassed by anything mainstream.

In the middle of Terminal 2, Frankfurt. I knew it was coming but didn´t know when or where...but I gave enough hints and inspiration to get exactly the engagement ring I dreamed of :-)

I had to be a classic diamond, the normal brilliant cut I consider boring, a heart kitsch, a tear bad luck, don´t like yellow gold, so: a platinum ring with a baguette cut stone, perfect and simple. Wear it everyday.

Stage directions?
registry office, weekday afternoon, colliding with a civil servant strike so at the end: champagne listening to "What do we want? More money! When do we want it? Now!"


a Fortnum&Mason picknick hamper, 4 bottles of champagne and a few sandwiches and packs of crisps


tried a lot. In the end it was a BHS bridal skirt used as a kind of petticoat, a 25pound New Look dress, New Look white peeptoe pumps, Longchamp handbag. FlipFlops for the beach... 

a booked photographer...and an old treacher of mine from Germany with his wife as witnesses (unfortunately still needed in the UK). Hardly knew him, just knew he lives in Brighton during the summer. Asked him months before, had no phone number or anything. Hope he would turn up and - he did! Made the whole day even more exciting, unusual and special. Sometimes meet him on the street and we have a strange connection now, but still hardly know more of each other 


couldn´t decide if I want a beach theme, be a 20´s or a 50´s bride. So nothing really but mostly 50´s I guess/hope. And did my own flowers which was cheap, worked more than well and still makes me very proud.

nothing. Stayed in a posh hotel suite overnight in Brighton.

best present?
nothing really. As we did it quite secret and didn´t invite anyone our wedding mostly got ignored which is a bit sad.

anything else?
- The wedding in it´s unusual way worked perfectly for us and I would do it exactly the same again today. It started my passion for wedding photography and I´m hoping to actually make sort of a profession out of this hobby one day. 
- it still makes me sad to think how few people reacted on my selfmade "Just married!" cards...

...I like the subject and I guess there will be a few more wedding related posts on their way soon :-)


  1. Well... how did some people react, then?

  2. Very interesting read. I love the Fortnum&Mason picnic hamper.

  3. @Alice: most people simply ignored it. No card, not even a text or mail...I don´t expect presents when I don´t invite but a card!?
    By the way "Life is what happens to you while planning other things" is my favourite quote and life motto too :-)