Friday, 18 March 2011

The proof of the pudding is in the eating...

my weekly questionnaire created by Miss Winkelmann :-)

What is your favourite food?
 too much to write down...but all time favourites are Red Thai Curries, beef roulade, onion bhajees, pasta with bolognese or green pesto, frikadellen and nearly everything with couscous, olives or melted cheese on top

What food do you hate?
sea food, fish with the skin still on, more adventorous meats, peanut biscuits

Do you count calories?
no, never...and it shows...:-)

What is your favourite flavour?
varies...but I love really hot and spicy food and I don't like sweet and sour too much

What is your favourite cuisine (absolutely no idea if I translated that right or not)?
Thai, Italian, Indian...German, Chinese and quite often even English

Favourite desert?
depends on how full I am already. I like pretty much everything from rice pudding to fruitsalads. The best desert I ever had (at least that's how I remember it) was a white chocolate mousse with a plum and cinnamon compote.

Do you enjoy cooking?
yes, a lot. Love the shopping bit, the preparations, everything apart from filling/emptying the dishwasher. So I cook pretty much every day.

and do you think you are a talented chef?
I'm surely not the most innovative cook but yes, I think I'm talented (wooo, I'm not normally such a show-off)

Describe your cooking style?
inspired by recipes but changing them in the way I want and experimenting quite a bit

Do you love baking?
I didn't use to and still prefer cooking but it's a great way to spend a whole evening sometimes and the family always seem to enjoy it

What inspires you?
Nicely done food photography...Jamie Oliver...hunger

Do you collect recipes and/or cookery books?
yes, I keep bits out of magazies which look like they could be useful and I buy books from time to time

What do you usually cook for guests?
which guests!?

Biggest kitchen desaster?
several...using salted butter for muffin dough, using fat reduced cream and wondered why I couldn't whip it, etc.

best insider tip?
always have enough ingredients in storage so you can be more spontaneously. Ok, not a real insider tip really :-)

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  1. Using salted butter to make muffins reminds me a little bit of the now popular fleur de sel & caramel flavour combination. Slightly strange at first but not altogether bad.
    Thank you for participating :)